1 )  Bonding through Storytelling
      (Workshop for Parents  of P1-P3)

      Date : 13th March 2010, Saturday

      Presenter : Ms Sheila Wee

 The workshop covers:

         the difference between reading and telling (and why both are recommended)

         different ways of telling a story that build rapport and allow your child to participate

         how to be more expressive and spontaneous in your telling

         how to adapt or create a story for your child


The workshop was well received by both parents and teachers. Many participants walked away with more in depth knowledge in storytelling and stories to share with their children.

) Family Bonding Trip -   Day Trip to Kukup Johor   

 Date: 13th March 2010, Saturday

It was indeed a fun and memorable weekend for the various families who joined the school for an escapade to Kukup Johor. Besides the sumptuous seafood lunch, both parents & teachers thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the floating kelong and the boat ride. This was followed by an educational visit to the Organic Farm where the participants learnt more about how organic vegetables are grown and visited the vast area of dragon fruits plantation. The trip, of course, was completed with a shopping spree at Tebrau Johore Baharu Shopping Complex..

 3) Celebrating Parenthood

    Parents Appreciation Day cum Get Together Session

     (An exclusive event for PIAGET- Parent Volunteers)

    Date : 20th March 2010 , Saturday   


The event was organised by the school’s parent support group, PIAGET, for new P1 parents and existing parent volunteers.

The event aims to celebrate the joy of parenting amidst parents’ busy schedule and the importance of being involved in the child’s primary school years as Parent Volunteers in the school. It was also an opportunity to pay tribute to our parent volunteers who had contributed their time and effort to realise the school’s vision.  The day’s event ended with an Amazing Race for the Family, a fun family bonding activity for parents and their children as they get to know the school better. 

  4) Developing Your Child’s Vocabulary

    (Workshop for Parents of  P3-P4 Primary Students)

    Date : 27 March 2010 , Saturday

    Presenters: Mdm Hasrinah & Mdm Mariah

                        Learning Support Coordinators  


   Key topics : 

1)Understand why vocabulary knowledge is important.

2)How to present vocabulary to your child and expand the learning of new words and its meaning.

3)Word Works! Games you can play at home with your child

4)How to measure word knowledge 


100% of the participants who joined the workshop agreed that it was beneficial and enlightening to learn the importance of vocabulary especially as it can affect the child’s comprehension and the relevant of learning vocabulary across content areas. Parents were involved in various activities like how to figure out the meaning of unknown words, using word web, word sort and games like hangman and word ladder to expand as well as having fun with words.

Tour to Woodlands Food Factory


A few days before Chinese New Year, a bus load of parents and their children went for a shopping tour to Woodlands Food Factory at Woodlands Terrace. Festive goodies were sold at factory prices, making a good time to save up during the holidays. Items like Bak Kwa, fisballs, cold cuts, fresh & frozen Salmon, cakes, ice cream and other frozen products were in plentiful for us to make the right choice.

The scorching sun did not deter the parents from getting good deals walking around from one factory to another. It was a great day indeed!

Transition to Primary School – Workshop for Parents with P1 Child

  Date : 04 January 2010 , Monday

Venue : Greenridge Primary School

Presenter : Mdm Caroline David

The talk was well received by parents. 120 parents turned up to learn how they can ease their child’s transition to primary education. The following were the topics being covered.

·         Provide tips to parents in preparing their children for Primary School academically.
·         Help parents recognize the importance of fostering positive relationships and social interaction during the transition period.

·         Help parents recognise the psychological problems children may face and how to help them.
·         Help parents recognize the importance of collaboration and communication with the teachers and fellow parents in supporting their children during the transition period.

Racial Harmony Day 22nd July 2009


Demonstrations of traditional food was on display as P1, P2 & P3 witness & taste foods like Roti Jala, Popiah & Chapati.

Road Safety/ Traffic Warden Talk
 22nd April '09

Staff Sergeant Neo Chin Loong & Officer Jennani from the Traffic Police division came to train some parents on being a Traffic Warden.

Road accidents happened due to our own carelessness and ignorance to traffic regulations.

As parents, we need to explain to our children what is the purpose of the pedestrian crossing. Sometimes in our own haste, we tend to give a bad example when crossing the road by not using the traffic lights. Both the motorists and pedestrians have a very big part to play in ensuring good traffic manners are exercised.

I have to say I am guilty of not following such traffic regulations. Yes, I admit  that I did cross the pedestrian crossing when the lights are still red and when there's no incoming car. After attending the talk regarding the the road safety, I have come to realize the significance of it. An eye opener on how dangerous it could be if we don't take this matter seriously.

Our school is planning to have our own Traffic Warden to monitor our students following traffic regulations.  The Traffic Warden will be wearing a safety jacket, hand gloves and holding the safety STOP sign board. I think this is good for our children who are going back and coming to school as the traffic will be heavy during these times.

Preventing any accidents and ensuring our students arrive safely to school while helping to save lives is the ultimate mission.  These officers also showed us a picture of one gruesome accident that occurred between a mini bus and a student.

The accident happened while the boy was about to cross the road after alighting from the school bus but he didn't see the incoming vehicle from the opposite side of the road as the school bus blocked his vision. The mini bus was moving quite slowly but yet the impact from the rear mirror smashed the boy's face. We are not suppose to cross in between stationary vehicles.

This reminded me of my own experience when I was still a child. It was raining that day . I was knocked down by a truck while I was crossing the road, I passed behind a school bus. I dashed across the road without looking onto the opposite side. Fortunately for me, I was not seriously injured even when my head was knocked hard on the floor. The driver got down from his truck and tried to help me. I walked home after that and told my mum what happened to me. She was glad nothing serious happened to me. It was a really scary experience but looking back, I wonder how I managed to walk home after that.

We learned a lot of important information from both Officers.

Road accidents does not only happen because of motorist carelessness but we ourselves have to be alert and follow the rules of road safety.

I hope my story of not following road safety rules which lead me into an accident when I was a child, will make us realize that as parents, we must teach our children more about road safety.

I also hope more parents could come forward and volunteer to be a Traffic Warden. Be a part of our Piaget family for the sake of our children and be a good Singapore citizen too. 

Written by Mdm Asiah

Piaget in Attendance :-

Mdm Asiah, Mdm Mardiana, Mdm Shao Fong & Mdm Ridzuwati

Our 1st PIAGET Get Together 2009

New & existing parents came together to launch the new name for GRPS PSG.

We are now known as PIAGET (pronounced as PAE AA ZHER)

Principal, Mrs Chew graced the occasion in urging new parents to come together in this unique noble effort in partnering the school.

The new Piaget Exco 2009 organizational chart was shown and activities were briefed by Mdm Shirley Soh, Piaget's Chairperson.

We even played a BIngo game that encouraged mingling and knowing of each other better. Those who completed the most squares won prizes, but before they received them, they had to do a catwalk. These ladies exudes charm and executed the catwalk with grace and personality. Well done ladies.

We are very proud to have 2 fathers attending the event,
a Mr Effendy and Mr Khoo.

While having refreshments, a video was shown to highlight some of the activities over the past years.

Mdm Mariah briefed Piaget on the upcoming volunteer activities that the school needs. Those able to volunteer signed up right away.

At the end of the get together, members were given the official Piaget badges, to be worn whenever members are in school doing official duties or events.

Our thanks to Mrs Chew & Ms Liza for being there with us.

Thank you to Mdm Mardiana who baked the cupcakes & Mdm Asiah who baked the mini tarts & spongecake. They were scrumptious. To Rani who ordered the packed Nasi Lemak.....Mmmm so delicious.

Thank you to Mdm Mariah and Mrs Yee-Tan for your guidance/ assistance and on-going spirit in working hand in hand with Piaget.

Thank you to all that attended and made this event successful.

(Look out for photos coming soon/ videos of that catwalk)

Exco in attendance:
Shirley, Rani, Asiah, Shao Fong, Jamilah, Mardiana & Rosita.

PM Lee visit GRPS Family Fun & Fitness Day 12 Oct 2008

The school organised Family Fun & Fitness @ GRPS in partnership with Health Promotion Board and the Singapore Red Cross. The school also collaborated with Zhenghua CC to support Zhenghua Community Day.

Our Prime Minister Mr Lee and distinguished community leaders dropped by Greenridge Primary School while visiting Zhenghua on that day.

Mass Aerobics Workout
Blood Donation Education & Drive
Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition
Talk on Health Promotion & Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Choice Bazaar
International Healthy Food making Demonstration
Concurrent "Family Sport Day" at parade square hosted by PCF Kindergarten.

 Posted by JT

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2008

Sale of Pink Ribbon by PSG in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Mdm Massita & Mdm Asiah were on hand selling those ribbons.

 Posted by JT

Ubin Trip 28th May 2008

We had a great a time at Pulau Ubin on last Wednesday 28/05/08. Before our journey even begin, parents were briefed by Mr Richard on parenting issues like how to manage and talk to the family. Mr Mike, one of the facilitators was playing games with the children in a separate area.

Initially, I was quite worried as the weather was quite dark but once we reached the island, it became sunny & hot. We trekked for some distance and we saw fascinating plants, kampong houses and the villagers They are very friendly. While most of the residents had shifted to Singapore, there are still some villagers staying on. We had the chance in meeting the head of the village or the Penghulu (in malay). He had been staying on the island since he was 7 years old.

We had our lunch at about 12pm. We rented bicycles and went cycling, we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. My legs and knees were really tired as it's been years since I've cycled. We stopped and returned the bicycles at about 2.15pm

At 2.30pm we took the bumboat back to Singapore. The weather in Singapore was getting dark. On the way home, it rained quite heavily but that does not bother us as we really had an enjoyable day in Pulau Ubin. What a great day!!

Written by Mdm Asiah Zainal

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