Piaget Introduction Video

This video was shown to all that attended the Get Together on the 3rd April 2009.

Teachers' Day 2007 PSG performs Dhoom Machale

Learning Journey 9th March
2 Unity, 2 Hope, 2 Kindness & 2 Loyalty
Bt Panjang Plaza Library/ KopiTiam

It rained so heavily and that prompted a change in plans. We had to cancel the walkabout to Fajar Shopping Centre and the LRT ride. The pupils missed out on that. We headed off towards Bt Panjang Plaza, went into the library where a librarian greeted us in the Children's Section. She taught the pupils a lot of things like how to choose books according to their age, how to borrow books etc.

The KopiTiam is the next stop. The pupils were allowed to order food with the $5 brought from home. Parent volunteers were at hand to help the pupils order and carry the food item to their table. Do check out the video below.

A Story on our Nation

Siti Aishah of 2 Unity shared a story told by her grandmother, Mdm Rahana Buang. Lets see the video to find out.....

Greenridge Food & Fun Fair Extravaganza 21st May 2008

It was a blast! Throngs of parents, students together with their siblings came to experience our fun fair. Lots of stalls selling goodies were seen and games stalls noisy with players enjoying themselves. Check out the cool video.


This wonderful video is contributed by our very talented and cool parent volunteer, Mdm Rosita. The video was broadcasted to all parents and staff during the parent-teacher conference day and staff meeting. Welcome on board Rosita! Glad to have YOU!

This event is to raise fund for the orphanage in Cambodia and the GRPS needy pupils.